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Are You Looking For An Idea For Creative Outdoor Ads?

Are you looking for an idea for Creative Outdoor Ads?

Dear Valued Customer,

How many billboards did you take a look during your walk or driving in your life?

I’m sorry that I can’t remember many of them, but I sincerely believe that it’s not my problem, as the billboard itself should be great enough to attract me!

And in trying to really think outside the box and come up with creative outdoor advertising, it never hurts to look towards other outdoor advertisers for some inspiration.

I recently asked my contacts in LinkedIn, “what are some of the funniest and cleverest advertisements?”

So here is some of the examples to give you an idea.

Why not use the AIR! (It always captures the imagination!)

LRT/Train handle bars perfect for beverage or even product branding!

Probably the most simplest and effective advertising!

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Why not use REAL people?

Why not use the road? (I mean since there a quite a lot of ppl looking down from a building!)

Why not use the tree’s? (Go Green Yo!)

High Intencity spot light.(Gives a whole new meaning to the Batman Sign in the sky!)

Have you ever thought of the TUNNEL entrance?(Make an impact to drivers when they enter the tunnel)

Get a destroyed vehicle and put your product on it!(make you wonder on how big and heavy your brand is!)

We have so much of ideas! Do you have what it takes to think out of the box! Take the first step!

Skyboard Adminr

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